Google Pixel 5 Review

This year, Google has come up with its Pixel 5, which seems quite attractive with an ergonomic design. Of course, it has an incredible camera pack. And what may seem something out of the ordinary is that Google has equipped this phone with a more portent battery unit. Nonetheless, the company seems to have cut corners quite a bit to keep the phone’s price down.

When Google released its first Pixel phone, it had some incredible features, including a camera pack that produced near DSLR quality. Since then, fans had been waiting before the release of every Pixel phone.

Previous Pixel phones were the flagship phones, packing the industry-best performance specs. This year’s Pixel phone, however, seems to target customers who want to get a mid-range phone packed with excellent features.

This phone has an excellent OLED screen, an incredible camera pack, a super attractive design, and a more potent battery unit. This phone offers instant software updates released by Google. For $699, this phone may easily be compared with the $999 iPhone 12 Pro.

There are some compromises, though. This phone doesn’t have an IR camera. There are only two lenses on the backside. What may seem a bit surprising is that the Pixel 5, being the top release Google, packs a mid-range Snapdragon 765G processor. If you want to buy another mid-range phone from Google, you can consider Pixel 4a 5G, which is going to cost $200 less.


With a price of $699, Pixel 5 is a lot cheaper compared to the flagship phones from Samsung and Apple. The only storage option available is 128GB, which is not expandable through a MicroSD card. Color options that you can get with this phone are Just Black, pastel mint, and Sorta Sage.


Google has adopted the modern smartphone design, comprising an edge-to-edge screen with a punch-hole camera. The best thing about this phone is its ergonomic design. This ergonomic design is supported well by the textured back on the rear side.

In order to support the edge-to-edge display, Google has removed front speakers from Pixel 5. The quality of sound might drop a bit due to this change, but the design benefit outweighs this little compromise.

To support the bezel-less design, Google had to remove the IR camera. Instead, there is a punch-home camera on the front. It essentially means that there is not a face recognition system this time. Furthermore, a circular fingerprint sensor is present on the backside, which may seem quite an old-fashioned design characteristic.


You will love Pixel 5’s 6-inch full HD AMOLED screen with a 90Hz screen refresh rate. The best thing about the AMOLED screen is that it offers more vibrant colors. With a 90Hz screen refresh rate, you are going to like how smoothly your content moves across the screen. Depending on the type of content you view, the refresh rate switches between 60Hz and 90Hz.


Although the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset is fast enough to launch and run most of the apps on the phone, it is not fast enough compared to the ones in flagship phones. But, it is one of the compromises that come with a price cut. Other than that, this phone has 8GB of RAM, which means that it may be a phone that you can use for multitasking, depending on the types of apps you use.

One of the most attractive features of this year’s Pixel phone is its 4,080-mAh, which can store enough power juice to support the phone use for an entire day.


While there are no significant improvements in the camera pack compared to previous releases, the Pixel 5 still has the industry-best camera pack. With computational photography and an excellent night mode, the camera pack on this phone can take impressive stills and videos.